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Dotline Resellers Program lets us increase your monthly revenue. Designed to provide your business with the ability to offer your customers, our entire line of products and services under your brand. You provide the front-end sale and support to your customers and we provide all the back end support to you. Our Resellers/Partner Programs are designed to meet the varied needs and goals of businesses and customers. It gives you the opportunity to tie up with one of the Leading Internet Services Company in India. All with a single purpose, helping our partners increase revenue opportunities and customer satisfaction.

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Business, sales, marketing is not an action which need to perform on the regular basis for any business to get develop. It is a complete network management system which allows any company to grow much faster and unspecified range. Good and strong partners/affiliates allows the company as well as business partners to have a core focus on the sales and marketing strategy implementation in their own covered region.

What Partners / Affiliates gains:

Partners or Affiliates are also an integral part of any organization. We at Dotline not just handle you like business potentials but you are one of the major pillars of our strong sales network.

You will be having the access of our pre developed applications for various demo purpose to generate the leads and closing the deals.

  • You will be allowed to have a strong backup of post sales support and further business development for your clients.
  • You would be having complete access of various marketing & sales generation supported application as a basic marketing support.
  • You will be provided an attractive commercial aspects for selling the various products and solutions.
  • You would be awarded with high "cut part" for all your efforts for generating every sales, awarded to us.
  • You do not need to maintain any website, promotional stunts or any other supported media for generating the leads.
  • You would be introduced as an official executive by our company.
  • The best price and hidden additional benefits in the market will allow you to sell our products or solutions much faster.
  • Besides our products or solutions you would be entitled for promoting our various other services like email marketing, search engine optimization, managed hosting and e branding etc.

Why Partner's Network is quit effective :

The top most reason behind the succes of Partners Networks is "Min TCO - Max ROI" (Minimum Total Cost of Ownership with Maximum Returns of Investments) which allows the partners or affiliates even the company also to allow to sell their products, solutions and services with the minimal cost than the covered market by the same company. This get possible since the company do not invest any amount for promoting their services in partners region and partners do not require to invest in development or to provide after sales support to any of the clients.

The second reason behind joining our partners network, quit attractive "cut part" in profits and valuable "brand establishment relation" with the company. This allows you to get extra commercial screw without anytarget or pressure. Our partners program will allow you to perform " As you want - that way you go" agenda, applicable to all of our Partners network.

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